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Write a 2-3-page essay in which you answer one of the following prompts. The essay must adhere to MLA formatting standards and follow the conventions of college level writing. You will need to develop a thesis that answers your chosen prompt and then use evidence from the text(s) to support that thesis. All textual evidence (summary, quotation, and paraphrase) needs to be correctly identified as outside material and cited properly. You should NOT do any outside research but should instead use only your analysis of the text and any articles provided as your support. In order to prove yourself a credible literary analyst, it is crucial that you use the vocabulary of literary analysis. Refer to the text and literature PowerPoint often to be sure you are writing in the correct vernacular.
Duality of Human Nature. Examine the characters in “The Lottery” as they relate to this theme. Which characters show two sides of humanity? Which characters are seemingly good natured; however, they show a different side during the events of the lottery. Make sure you have three different characters or three different moments where a character(s) show two sides.
Compare a contemporary social atrocity to the one in “The Lottery.” Why is the atrocity allowed to continue when it is clearly unethical? Why did the atrocity in “The Lottery” continue?
Emily Grierson in “A Rose for Emily” and Mrs. Hale in Trifles both commit acts of civil disobedience, in a sense. Which of these female protagonists takes the strongest (or riskiest or most moral) stand? Does either commit a crime that is justified? Do either earn the respect of the reader? Most of the stories from this unit contain characters who believe they are above the law. Using at least two literary texts and a real life incident as evidence, discuss what factors lead citizens to believe the law should not apply to them.
Using “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been” as your focus, make an argument about the ethics of using realistic tragedy as the basis of entertainment. Is it ethical to make money using the tragic circumstances of another? You may cite the article about Schmid if needed.
Select three poems from the unit and compare and contrast the way each author approaches crime. Make an argument about the effectiveness of the tools utilized by each author to express his/her theme.
Compare and contrast the presentation of majority rule in “The Lottery” and “A Rose for Emily.” Develop an argument about mob mentality and/or majority rule that is supported by the two texts.
Consider justice vs. mercy and certainty vs. doubt as they are presented in 12 Angry Men. Can these opposing ideas coexist? Use the text as support for your thesis.


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