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This is week 2 and now we will begin to share our completed components with our colleagues. Please post your problem and purpose statement in this forum. Please keep in mind each component should align with the following Doctoral Rubric requirements: (1.3) Problem Statement Please review the video tutorial located @: to aid you in preparing the Problem Statement. a. Provides a hook10 supported by peer- reviewed or government citation 5 or less years old from anticipated completion date (CAO approval). b. Provides an anchor11 supported by peer- reviewed or government citation 5 or less years old from anticipated completion date (CAO approval). c. States the general business problem Note: This element should start as follows: The general business problem is… d. States the specific business problem. Be sure to state who has the specific problem (i.e., small business leaders, project managers, supply chain managers, etc.) Note: This element should start as follows: The specific business problem is that some (identify who has the problem)… e. Ensures the specific business problem aligns with the research question and purpose statement. f. Problem Statement should be clear and succinct (It is recommended to be approximately 150 words). Check with Ulrich’s Periodical Directory to ensure citations are peer reviewed.12 See Problem Statement Video Tutorial at: (1.4) Purpose Statement Describes the intent of the research13. The Purpose Statement is a mini story and recommended to be approximately 200 words. The Purpose Statement must address the following six elements: a. Identifies the research method as qualitative14, quantitative15, or mixed- method. b. Identifies research design16 (i.e., case study, phenomenological, quasi- experimental, correlational, etc.). c. If quantitative or mixed method: Identifies a minimum of two17 independent (experimental/quasi-experimental designs) or predictor (correlational designs) and at least one dependent variable18. Note: The quantitative study must include at least two independent/predictor variables.19 Ensures the independent variables appropriately align with the variables/constructs identified in component 1.10, Theoretical/Conceptual Framework. d. Identifies specific population group for proposed study. e. Identifies geographic location of the study. f. Identifies contribution to social change. g. Ensures the first sentence links/aligns directly with the specific business problem. See Purpose Statement Video Tutorial at: 12 Ulrich’s is not 100% correct; the student must verify peer review status via the journal home page. 13 The first sentence of the purpose statement must align with the research question and specific business problem in the problem statement. 14 Visit the Center for Research Quality qualitative methodology tutorial at: 15 See the quantitative Research Primer located at Appendix B; Visit the Center for Research Quality quantitative methodology tutorial at: 16 See Appendix C for a depiction of basic quantitative designs and their characteristics. 17 Covariates, mediator, and moderator variables are types of independent/predictor variables; be sure to clearly identify these types of variables as applicable. 18 The terms “independent” and “predictor variables are often used interchangeably in correlation studies. Please be consistent with the chosen terminology. 19 See Heading 1.6, Research Questions (Quantitative Only), in the Research Handbook. By Day 3 Post your initial response. Refer to the Week 2 Discussion 1 Rubric for specific grading elements and criteria. Your Instructor will use this rubric to assess your work. Read a selection of your colleagues’ responses. By Day 5 Respond to your colleagues. By Day 7 Return to this Discussion and finalize your conversations with your colleagues. Click on the Reply button below to reveal the textbox for entering your message. Then click on the Submit button to post your message.


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