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The company I have chosen is Anheuser Busch. The clas is Marketing channels Students are now required to complete a final channel marketing analysis term paper, which involves an in-depth analysis of selected firm’s existing marketing channel distribution system, in addition to a conclusion and recommendations of how selected company marketing channel distribution system can be improved, grow, and become more competitive in the industry.
All Final Channel Marketing Analysis Term Paper should include information, elements, facts, data from Week 8 Analyses of Existing Marketing Channels and Week 10 End-User Analysis. Additionally, all term papers must include a coherent overview of selected companies, product, market, its current channel structure, and target segments (end-user) served any misalignments in channel performance, and implementation issues in the channel. Finally, conclusions along with recommendations for improvement in the channel are must also be included in your final review and analysis.
1. Title Page – include report name, course name, student name, organization name, instructor name, and date
2. Table of Content
3. Company Overview — a brief description of the company, including company mission statement, background, and competitive advantages.
4. Executive Summary of Channel Marketing Analysis, not the company – This could be the only section read, so it needs to be complete, compelling, and concise (maximum two pages).
5. Analyses of Existing Marketing Channels
Market Information Company distribution strategies and objectives
Channel structure and members, the design of the channel
– Whether the current channel structure meets the target market’s service output demand
Market (ex. number, and size of channel firms, market shares )
Distribution (where it is sold )
Promotion (promotion tools used)
6. End-User Analysis
A complete analysis of your chosen firm’s selected target market segment and justify your general approach based on secondary and/or primary research, such as library research, company brochures, websites and reports, personal interviews, etc. Your task is to justify that you fully understand your selected firm’s customers. By including as much, detail such as: Who are and the demographics (age, gender, geographic location, economic status) and where are they located?
Is the target market growing, shrinking, etc.?
What is current and projected consumer demand for your firm’s products or services?
Size of the target market, and forecast market growth for this group?
Where do they typically buy?
What motivates them to make this purchase?
Where does your target market live?
Price? Location?
7. Conclusion and recommendations Actions and strategies that the company should implement
Company’s capabilities, constraints, and limitations in implementing strategies
8. Appendix — section should include tables, graphs, illustrations pictures/objects that are not in text form, however, their contribution to your paper must be integrated within the main text of your paper.
9. References
Term Paper Requirements and Format
Length: maximum eight to ten pages (not less than eight pages) double-spaced, typed 12 pt. font, 1” margins.
Term papers submission must follow APA format
Term papers must be original content written in your own words, i.e., from your thoughts, insights, reflections, ideas, and analysis, but supported with e-text materials and/or outside sources to substantiate, validate your thoughts. All phrases and para-phrases must use in-text citations (APA style) and with full references on the reference page.
Research materials should be high-quality sources such as those available through the library’s online databases.
Supplementary materials (such as tables, figures, screenshots), can be present in appendices that are not included in the page limit, but their contribution to the report should be integrated within the main text. An electronic copy of the case analysis must be submitted via Turnitin. Any similarities found in Turnitin above 25% will subject the analysis to be returned for no credit and may be subject to further discipline under the plagiarism policy of the College.


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