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Please only use the attached documents as primary and secondary sources for this essay. This Rhetorical Analysis is for the article by Jesse Kapadia.
I Still Don’t Understand the Cultural Appropriation of Food” by Jess Kapadia
Rhetorical analysis means you read a text and then analyze how the three appeals, ethos (trust/credibility), pathos (emotion), and logos (common sense and reason) operate within that piece. You’re telling me how effective you think the piece of writing is and if it did a good job of getting and maintaining the attention of the audience. You are NOT writing about whether or not you agree with it. In fact, do not use 1st or 2nd person in your analysis (no “I” “we” “us” “our” “me” “Myself” or “you” “you’re” “your” etc. ). Stick strictly to 3rd person. Must be complete:
You will base your claim (The essay effectively reaches/doesn’t reach its audience, etc.) on the evidence you provide of how well it uses the three appeals. Pathos, Ethos and Logos.
Important Stuff:
This essay will need an introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion, thesis statement, and topic sentences.
You will need to identify the audience the article is for (the best place for this is in the introduction). To find the audience, research the demographic of the source (magazine in this case) and start there. But also make logical choices. I.e. if you feel that the general audience of the magazine is 40 somethings with college degrees but the article seems to be geared towards parents, then go with parents.
I want you to engage with the text and see what makes it tick, what makes it work the way it does and whether or not you think the “strategies” the author uses work. I.e. if the author uses and emotional appeal, does it backfire? Or do you think it would have reached its intended audience and moved them? Write this essay in 3rd Person. (No “I” or “You”). This will emphasize your objectivity.
Use examples from the article to support your claims about it. Parameters:
Maximum word length 1000. Typed and double spaced
MLA style formatting
No outside sources. I want you to use examples from the article you are analyzing; you can either quote or paraphrase with in-text citation and then you will need to comment on those examples. Make sure you cite them internally and provide a work cited page at the end for the primary source (the article you are analyzing). That works cited should be in MLA 8th edition.


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