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Outline (Included research proposal but did not score well so was told to follow this outline below as a guideline)
The main thing I wanted to focus on is to depict the strong black woman stereotype through film in particular through the character Queen in Queen & Slim. By unpacking Its negative and damaging impact on black women identity, health, on relationships with men (vulnerability, etc) , family dynamics and so forth) and use other sources to back up the narrative of the strong black woman.
Intro what will be doing in the research paper
Unpacking the strong black women stereotype (can briefly discuss other stereotypes but paper has to focus on the strong black woman narrative) (Using sources)
Engage (Reviews for and against Queen & Slim (in particular this stereotype or black women’s identity ) .. Check out the popular sourced reviews on the movie Queen & Slim … Can also check out reviews on blaxploitation
Close reading/description on specific scenes of Queen & Slim (can use sources here as well)
Sources from the course (that I want to be used)
Oppositional gaze by Bell Hooks
The Disease called Strength by Trudier Harris
Other sources that i would like to be use if revelant information can be found (pdfs) really want the first two at least to be used, 3rd source is optional if good additional information can be used and 4th source is an option
Sister citizen by Melissa V. Harris-Perry (in particular Chapter 5)
Too heavy a yoke by Chanequa Walker-Barnes (Chapter 1 (film & strong black women stereotype, Chapter 4 (also has discussion on film in particular page 9 discussing about tyler Perry using the StrongBlackWoman stereotype to the next level).. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU CANNOT FIND ACCESS TO THIS BOOK as i have access to this on another site
… Deepening our understanding of the “Strong Black Woman” Schema by Jasmine A. Abrams, Morgan Maxwell, Michelle Pope and Faye Z. Belgrave
Black Women: Shaping Feminist Theory by Bell Hooks
(Use of scholarly articles on the strong black women narrative in film (is needed))

some info on review sources
reviews of the movie (Queen & Slim) that are for or against this stereotype (my pov is the stereotype is negative)
Additional: (brief reference to other films with the same stereotypes)
can also use scenes from some the other films (The Colour Purple, etc) to contrast the stereotype of the strong black women with Queen’s character from Queen & Slim
precious was told not to use it

Course Research Paper instructions
Length: 6-8 pages (approx. 1500-2000 words)
The research essay is the main part of the assignment. In the essay you need to develop your argument(s) clearly, provide evidence to support your discussion, and demonstrate the ability to analyze and use sources critically. You are expected to take into account the suggestions made on your proposal and bibliography.
This assignment will help you develop your critical reading and analytical skills, engage cross-textual analysis,
and develop library and other research skills.
The assignment should be typed, doubled-spaced and have numbered pages. A cover page should
include the title of your assignment, your name, and your tutorial leader’s name. Choose a title
carefully that will suggest the main ideas of your paper. Your assignment should also include
carefully cited references within the body of the text and a works cited page at the end using the
MLA style guide.
Criteria of Evaluation:
Review this checklist of criteria evaluation as you prepare your essay:
Content and Comprehension
• Does your essay demonstrate comprehension of course texts and concepts?
• Does your essay demonstrate your ability to critically assess your subject texts?
• Do you apply course material and concepts in a broader context?
Argumentation and Development
• Does your essay have a clear thesis, or argument, that is consistent throughout the paper?
• Does the body of your essay support your thesis with evidence drawn from the relevant texts
(quotations, examples)?
• Have you avoided unfounded generalizations in your argument?
Style and Structure
• Does your essay have a consistent and organized style?
• Are your sentences and paragraphs coherent and well structured?
• Do you avoid words or phrases that are repetitive, wordy, or vague?
• Is your essay polished and professionally presented in format and appearance?
• Did you proofread your work for punctuation, spelling and grammatical errors?
• Have you included and properly formatted all necessary citations using MLA format?


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