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I’m working on a social science discussion question and need support to help me understand better.Discussion – Early Modern DualismDiscussion – Categorizing Humans / Ancient Materialism PurposeNow that you have read the remainder of Schiebinger’s Competing Cosmologies, and portions of The Correspondence between Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia and René Descartes, tested your knowledge of the readings on a quiz, and explored some issues in more detail during our Zoom meeting, you have the opportunity for additional discussion. In this forum, you can share your perspective on the reading, ask questions for discussion or clarification, articulate further thoughts, and respond to your colleagues’ questions and observations.Steps1. PromptIn a new post, use the Reply button below to respond to two of the following prompts: In case you are left with any questions about the readings, please state them. (Posting that you have no questions is not a satisfactory response to this prompt.)
If there is anything that you find remarkable or problematic about the readings that has not been addressed, please state it. (Posting that there is nothing that you find remarkable or problematic is not a satisfactory response to this prompt.)
In your opinion, who makes the better case, Princess Elisabeth or Descartes?
In the end, Descartes does not stay on topic and argues about his opponent, not the problem with dualism. Have you ever been dismissed in an intellectual debate for who you are instead of for what you had to say?
2. EngagementRead and reply to the posts of at least 2 colleagues. In your reply posts, make sure to,Ask for clarification, if needed.
Directly respond to the posts of your colleagues by,Attempting to answer the questions they may still have
Give a reason or reasons why you agree with what they are saying, or
Give a reason or reasons why you do not agree with what they are saying
Requirements: 150


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