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I’m working on a marketing question and need an explanation to help me understand better.I’m working on a marketing question and need an explanation to help me study.THE MANDATEThis case takes place in 2010 and your analysis, alternatives & recommendations must reflect the situation at that point in time. You are Isabel Eckstein, Brand Manager – Cucina Fresca, and your business decision deck must be written from that perspective. As Isabel Eckstein, you are preparing a deck that will be presented and discussed with the company’s CEO, CFO and Chief Marketing Officer.You are required to identify and clearly state “the” problem. Once that is done, your task is to provide a recommendation on what TruEarth should or should not do. This recommendation must be built on a through analysis and assessment of the situation and consumer research that leads you to the identification of appropriate and relevant insights which then can be used to determine the actual problem, generate potential solutions and provide your recommendation. In fact, it is impossible to develop a recommendation without transforming the information that you have been provided into meaningful insights.You will also need to decide the relevant close-ended criteria you will use to assess the alternatives you have identified. Clearly, however, you will need to consider both qualitative and quantitative criteria.One of the criteria definitely will be a forecast of demand for the new product. Using the model in Exhibit 5 and the data in Table B, Exhibit 5 and 7, and the information in the case on retailer gross margins, you will need to develop a forecast of the demand for the new pizza product. This is also your opportunity to learn about Nielsen BASES – To & Clarifications of Case Assumptions to Forecast DemandFor this specific case analysis, the following changes are to be made to the assumptions contained in the case:Required minimum wholesale volume on TruEarth pizza to achieve firm’s return requirements$13.6 million(not $12 million)Retailer gross margin requirement37.50%(not 35.00%)Repeat purchase occasions2.20(not 2.00)All other facts and aspects of the case are as outlined in the case document.When projecting demand, a good marketer will want to consider the sensitivity of their key assumptions and the impact on their model. In this case, you should analyze different penetration rates (4%, 8%, 11% and 15%) in combination with Product Quality & Re-purchasers % (21%, 37% and 49%).
For the purpose of your pizza demand projections, when the case refers to penetration rates, what it means is the % of Tru-Earth pizza customers that also purchase Tru-Earth pasta.So, if you are told that there is a 11% penetration rate, what it means is that 11% of Tru-Earth pizza customers ARE Tru-Earth pasta customers, and that 89% of Tru-Earth pizza customers do not buy our pasta.
You are not required to, nor can you, build a full financial model to forecast the operating and net cash flow from the proposed new product launch.
There is an error in some of the material that is provided by Harvard. Some of the values provided in the case document in Exhibit 6 are different than those given in the student spreadsheet.You are to use the values in Exhibit 6 on page 10 of the case document.
Specifically, the ratings for quality attributes for takeout pizza are as follows:Is made from high-quality ingredients 8.4
Is made from healthy ingredients 7.1
Here are some hints to assist you with developing your problem statement, creating alternatives and providing a recommendation:Was the pasta launch successful? If so, why?How does the pizza opportunity compare to the pasta opportunity?
What are the “jobs to be done” for pasta as compared to the “jobs to be done” for pizza?
How would you compare the product development process for each?
What can you learn from Exhibits 6, 9 and 10?
What can you learns from comparing Exhibits 7 & 8 to Exhibits 3 & 4.
Writing a positioning statement for pizza and comparing it to one for pasta may help.
Some of you may wish to use the phrase “first mover advantage”. Please read “The Half-Truth of First-Mover Advantage” by Suarez and Lanzolla (HBR, April 2005) before you do so to ensure that you fully understand the concept before you use it in the case.
GRADE ALLOCATION – BMK710 Brand Strategy IThis assignment represents 20.0% of your final grade in BMK710 – Brand Strategy I. Your assignment will be graded out of 65 marks as follows:Situation Analysis 2.5 marksFactual information provided in the situation analysis must be relevant to the identification of the problem and the business decision that needs to be made.
Insights 7.5 marksFactual information from the case must be used to develop relevant and meaningful insights which add to the reader’s understanding of the problem, the potential solutions and your recommendation.
There are multiple insights that should and can be derived from the case facts
Tru-Earth’s competitive advantages and the firm’s business objectives should be included as part of the situation analysis
Problem Identification and Statement 5.0 marksThis includes your analysis & justification for the problem you’ve identified, identifying the correct problem at the right level as well as the construction of the actual problem statement.
While the problem initially may seem obvious (Do we launch the Cucina Fresca pizza?), you should stretch your thinking to see if that is actually the real problem.
If you identify a different problem, launching the Cucina Fresca pizza must be one of your alternatives and you must still provide a demand forecast for the product.
Note that I should not find the words “Problem Statement” anywhere in your deck. It should be absolutely obvious to the reader what the problem is and, if it isn’t, it indicates an issue with the flow of your deck, the problem you’ve identified and/or your actual problem statement.
Analysis of the Cucina Fresca Pasta Launch 10.0 marksWas the pasta launch successful; why or why not?
How does the pizza opportunity compare to the pasta opportunity?
What insights lead you to that conclusion?
What other insights can you identify to inform your final recommendation?
Identification of alternatives 5 marksA minimum of 4 quality alternatives are required (i.e. will they solve the problem)
A short description of each alternative should be provided so that the reader is absolutely clear on what it is
Assessment of alternatives 10 marksA thorough selection of appropriate close-ended criteria must be used.
Each close-ended criteria must be assessed for each alternative.
A summary assessment must be provided for each alternative.
Final recommendation & summary rationale 10 marksThis assesses the quality of your recommended solution and your rationale for selecting that alternative.
Defining the market (what business is TruEarth in?) 5 marksThis is not specifically required to solve this case but if you want to include it as part of your main business decision deck, you are free to do so, otherwise, you can provide this as an appendix.
Provide a minimum of 4 ways to define the market that Tru-Earth participates in with a rationale on why Tru-Earth could (and perhaps should) define their business that way.
Competitive Advantage Analysis 5 marksIdentify Tru-Earth’s core competencies and through a VRIO analysis determine which ones are competitive advantages, if any..
This should be included as an appendix in your business decision deck submission.
6 Forces Analysis 5 marksAnalyze the market that the proposed Tru-Earth pizza will participate in using the 6 Forces framework.
A conclusion on the overall attractiveness of the market is required.
This should be included as an appendix in your business decision deck submission.
GRADE ALLOCATION – BMK711 Brand Metrics IThis assignment represents 10.0% of your final grade in BMK711 – Brand Metrics. The assignment will be graded out of 50 marks as follows:Demand Projection 20.0 marksYour detailed demand projection must be presented in your appendices with a summarized versionincluded in your deck.Do not make the mistake of putting the exact same financial model in the body of your deck that is in your appendix.
You are to present the detailed demand projection for the option with a 11% penetration rate and a 37% product quality and repurchasers %.
All projections must be professionally formatted and presented.
For the benefit of the reader, any assumptions or non-intuitive calculations must be explained so that the reader can follow your logic when reading the business decision deck.
Remember that you are not going to be there to explain how a specific number was determined so this needs to be covered properly in your business decision deck so that the reader of the deck can quickly and easily understand what you are presenting and how it was derived.
Demand Projection – Sensitivity Analysis 15.0 marksIn this case, you should analyze different penetration rates (4%, 8%, 11% and 15%) in combination with Product Quality & Re-purchasers % (21%, 37% and 49%).
You do not need to and should not provide the detailed model for each of the 12 scenarios in your deck.
A summary table of the sensitivity analysis should be included in your deck as part of your story and you should show the scenario with a 8% penetration rate and a 21% product quality & re-purchaser % as one of your appendices.
Effective Use of Metrics In The Deck 10.0 marksThe first aspect of this deliverable is how you used the demand forecasts from the 12 different scenarios. How did you interpret these forecasts? How did you use the forecasts in your decision making and recommendation?
The second aspect of this deliverable is an evaluation of your interpretation and application of the market research material that has been provided to you in the case exhibits and how you have integrated that it into your deck, your analysis and your recommendations.
Presentation of Your Financial Models in the Deck & in the Appendices
5.0 marksIs your material presented professionally?
Is it properly formatted?
Are input variables highlighted in yellow?
Is it readable?
Are there column headers?
Is the information in the deck a summary of the detailed model in the appendices?
All the necessary information for the reader to evaluate your recommendation must be included in your business decision deck and its appendices:Any excerpts from your spreadsheet included in your presentation must be formatted properly and presented so that it looks like it is an integrated part of your presentation.
The financial information presented in your actual deck (versus what is in the appendices) must be a summarized version of the detailed financial models that are contained in your appendices. Do not waste the reader’s time by putting the exact same information in two places in your deck.
Your spreadsheet must be submitted to the professor at the same time as you submit your powerpoint file. You must also upload a pdf of your business decision deck to SafeAssign by the designated time.
As with all cases in this course, all the information required to solve the case is in the case unless otherwise stated in the specific case instruction document. Searching for information and answers on the internet is not required, nor is it permitted unless specifically required in the case instructions.You are free to flow the content in your deck in whatever way best communicates the “story” you want to tell. The allocation of space for each of the required areas is up to you as long as the assignment requirements are appropriately covered. Your deck is to be no more than 8 pages long, excluding the cover page and no more than 3 pages of appendices; decks longer than this will not be read and will receive a 0 grade. Your soft copy and hard copy submissions must be absolutely identical; if that is not the case, a grade of “0” will be given for the assignment.Detailed submission instructions and requirements, and submission deadlines are outlined in the “Case Assignments – Overview and Instructions” document that has already been posted on blackboard.As a reminder, your overall grade on the case can be adjusted +/- 10% of the total marks available for the case by the professor to reflect the quality and quantity of your participation in our class discussions.The overall quality, flow, consistency & professionalism of your submission must meet an appropriate standard for a business deck in the “real world”. Marks, up to 25% of the total grade for this assignment can be deducted if the following expectations are not met or if too much irrelevant content is included.Requirements: As mentioned above
Requirements: As mentioned above


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