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I’m working on a english project and need guidance to help me study.please follow the Guidelines..Essay 2: Short ArgumentundefinedThis assignment opens a section in our course on Argumentation that will culminate in the Research Essay. This assignment will focus on the mechanics of constructing a persuasive argument. As such, it will be shorter in length and smaller in scope than the Research Essay.AssignmentUse the Persuasive Aim and Mode of Classification to write an essay of at least four (4), typed and properly formatted pages. You will target an audience of professional writing instructors aged 30 years and older, which means you will employ more formal tone than the previous essay assignment.GuidelinesYou will classify a cultural object that you feel has either been incorrectly classified by most or that occupies an ambiguous place (for example: is “Old Town Road” Hip-Hop or a Country Song?).
Analyze at least three (3) criteria in order to support your Major Claim. While analyzing these criteria, you should employ your skills of DEFINITION and COMPARE AND CONTRAST.
Clearly demonstrate how your analysis of each criteria (your Minor Claims / Premises) relate to you Major Claim.
Include at least two sources for support. Support must come from the internet. You must cite the sources of this information using formal MLA documentation style. This means you will include parenthetical citations and a Works Cited page (the works cited page does not contribute to the overall length of your paper). *We are not yet concerned with evaluating the reliability or authority of sources.
You must include at least one of each type of Aristotelian appeal: ethos, pathos, logos. *See your notes for help
You must plant at least one “nay-sayer” in your text; we have discussed this alternatively as making a concession
undefinedYour Introduction must have a clearly stated Thesis along with a clear forecasting statement.
You must open your essay using one of the following strategies; a. An unusual fact or statisticb. An intriguing statementc. A question that your essay will answer. d. An appropriate quotation
Monitor your body paragraphs to ensure each has topic a sentence that provides a smooth/relevant transition from the previous paragraph, sufficient supporting detail, and a concluding sentence(s).
Include a Context paragraph, following your Introduction, that provides sufficient background which you believe is necessary for your audience to understand your following argument.
Requirements: 4 PAGES


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