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I’m trying to study for my Music course and I need some help to understand this question.1. Research. For each piece: comment on the culture, tradition, and time from which it is taken. Give a brief historical context to the piece: when was it written? Who was/were the composer(s) and performer(s) (give some background information about him/her)? From which tradition/time period does the piece of the stem and what are the usual traits of music from this tradition/time period?-Use information from reliable sources: start with lectures, MITA, and resources from the UCLA Music Library’s “Music Research Resources Online,” in particular, Music Online: The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music Online, Oxford History of Western Music, Grove Music Online. Your TAs will go over how to cite resources in your sections.2.Introduction to pieces. Together, listen to each piece several times, jotting down your reactions and impressions of the piece. What is the piece “about”? What moods or emotions does it evoke and at what places? Does it have a narrative? Does it allude to extra-musical phenomena, such as images or poetry? What stands out as interesting to you?3.Sameness and difference. Work separately:a.Person investigating sameness: How are the pieces similar to each other?b.Person investigating difference: How are the pieces different from each other?Go through the elements of music, comparing and contrasting the pieces. Draw on the vocabulary that we have learnt in class, revolving around the elements of music and terms presented by the guests. Speak in terms of the affect/emotion/feeling of the music, your reactions to the music and break these down with the elements of music. Think about the system that the music uses and the effect on how it sounds to you (e.g. major/minor tonality in Western music vs. modes in jazz), the practice of music-making (is it composed? Improvised?), and any other aspects of music.4. Discussion. Coming together, discuss your findings. Together, discuss this question: are the pieces more similar to or more different from each other? I use the word “discuss” rather than “answer,” because a discussion of this question should lead to a nuanced, layered response. You might come to a clear conclusion, or you might not. In both case, explain your reasons. This question should prompt you to think about the details of the sounds as well as the general cultural context of the pieces.i.A (minimum) 100-word response for each piece. You may share this component by writing about one piece each, or writing together (e.g. using Google Docs) about both pieces. Indicate your method of collaboration.ii.Together, write a (minimum) 75-word response for each piece. Include exact timings of the recording when describing particular moments (e.g. 0’56’’-1’04’’).iii.Separately, each person writes a (minimum) 150-word response for 3. You may use bullet points for this response. Again, include exact timings when comparing/contrasting moments from the two pieces.iv.Together, write a (minimum) 250-word reflective write-up of 4 addressing the question.Piece 1 Title: Luciano Pavarotti – Ave Maria (Schubert)Composer: Franz SchubertPerformer: Luciano Pavarotti & The Three Tenors (José Carreras, Plácido Domingo, and Luciano Pavarotti)Link: 2Title: Mozart, Eine kleine Nachtmusik KV 525 Karl Bohm, Wiener PhilharmonikerComposer: Wolfgang Amadeus MozartPerformer: Wiener PhilharmonikerLink:
Requirements: finish it perfectly with professional music words


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