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I’m studying for my English class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?Length: 950-1,050 wordsFormat/submission: see Syllabus for MLA format, submit via BB as Word document or PdfAlso required: student oath, word count, works cited with OED and editionDirections: 1. Pick from one of these short passages from either 1 Henry IV or Much Ado that you find particularly interesting, challenging, or important:Henry IV1.1.1-18. H4 “So shaken as we are.”1.1.78-91. H4 “yea, there thou mak’st me sad”1.2.1-15 Hal and Falstaff, ending with “that wand’ring knight so fair.”1.3. 29-48 Hotspur “My liege, I did deny no prisoner”4.2.11-35 Falstaff “If I be not asham’d of my soldiers”5.2.51-68 Vernon “No, by my soul I never in my life”12th Night2.1.18-36Viola “fortune forbid…what will become of this?”2.4.93-108Duke “there is no woman’s sides…I should your lordship”3.1.144-156 Olivia “O, what a deal of scorn”5.1.117-131 Duke “Why should I not”You must select from these passages listed here. Do NOT google your passage!Choose one that you feel has sufficient elements for you to explain and discuss. 2. Copy your passage and mark up with a pen or pencil words, images, phrases to explain or discuss. Gloss a word using the OED. (This is an important step in drafting an explication, and I may request that you share it with me if we consult over your essay; however, I will not require you to submit the marked up passage with Essay 1).3. Write your explication essay. An explication EXPLAINS the passage–what it means and why it is important, relevant, worth thinking about. Be sure to (not necessarily in this order):• Attend closely to the language of the passage; look up any unclear words in the Oxford English Dictionary to explore how their levels of meaning inflect the passage both in the time period the play was written and today (do not rely solely on the glosses provided by the plays’ editors). You are required to include at least one discussion of an OED definition.• Use quotations taken directly from the text and integrated correctly into your writing to support your close reading and cite them parenthetically using act, scene and line numbers: e.g. (1.2.33-55) (use MLA style)• Identify and explain literary devices that operate in this passage: images or rhetorical / structural devices / patterns.• Other than the glosses in your addition, discussion in class, and the OED, there should be no outside references used or consulted in the completion of this assignment• Attach a copy of the passage to your essay.
Requirements: 950-1050 words


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