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I’m stuck on a Sociology question and need an explanation.Answer 3 of 6 questions. Answer ALL parts to each question. 15 points each.Length should be about 1.5 to 2 typed pages (1 1/2-spaced) per question. Feel free to use more space if you are not a concise writer.1) What crimes are girls more/less likely to be arrested for presently? For which crime(s) has there been a change over the last 25 years? List four possible reasons for the closing of the “gender gap” since the 1970s. Defend your answer based on what you know about the crimes girls are more/less likely to arrested for. What does your answer suggest about remedies needed to address female delinquency? What types of responses would you argue be given higher priority. Explain.2) In what ways do the experiences of the characters in the film The Interrupters highlight issues of social exclusion and poverty regarding both the individuals described in the film and the collective African American population that makes Chicago their home? What is the “theory of change” behind the Operation Ceasefire? Do you think other U.S. cities should be more open to considering such a strategy as part of a national strategy to prevent gun violence in the inner-cities? List 3 pros and 3 cons of such an approach. What is your view?3) Drawing on the Wooden readings and the film we watched in class titled The San Francisco Industrial School, describe early reforms to the response to juvenile delinquency from the House of Refuge period to the present including the primary reforms of the juvenile justice system ushered in by the Child Savers Movement. To what extent were early reforms comprised of “well meaning intentions” that bore little resemblance to what was implemented? Describe reasons for why this happened.4) Explore the concept of disproportionate impact of some risk factors on a youth’s involvement in the juvenile justice system and school discipline. What is the role of inherent bias (implicit and explicit bias) and targeting in creating this disproportionate impact? How does the idea of bias influence such factors as segregation of schools?5) Discuss the various types of maltreatment. Be sure to define the official, legal categories as well as how maltreatment can be classified according to the duration of the maltreatment (i.e., different forms of trauma). You should provide examples of each type of maltreatment/trauma. Describe the effects of maltreatment on academic performance at both the primary school ages and the secondary school ages.6) Discuss the concept of school failure and its effects on delinquency. What are the recent trends in school failure? What are the characteristics of students who drop out of high school? What factors are thought to explain the dropout rate? How is dropping out related to delinquency? How is dropping out related to future financial losses?
Requirements: 1.5 – 2 pages


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