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I need an explanation for this Writing question to help me study.PAPER DUE 5/8/2021 Analytical Paper & Presentation: Students will prepare both a formal written analytical paper, as well as, either a PowerPoint or poster presentation. Be sure to type double space, carefully proofread, use APA Style citation, and provide an accurate APA reference section—assistance from the instructor will be provided for those who need assistance. Expected length is a minimum of 10 pages exclusive of refences. A paper topic list will be provided during week 4. Approved topics are those central to the course and course readings. Paper topics must be pre-approved by the instructor. Your paper should draw on existing theoretical and empirical human resource management literature. Although your paper should include an indepth review of the literature on your specific topic, the primary focus of the paper should be your own unique contribution, insights, and extension of prior research. Students will use the social science research (SSR) format that they learned in Research Methods for this paper.You have asked to write your analytical paper on FMLA, unpaid leave for employees; and the problem you stated you want to address is “that so many employees feel forced into accepting terminated or resigning from their job because they aren’t aware of their rights when applying for FMLA.” Fortunately, employees do not have to specifically use the term “FMLA” to request FMLA leave the first time. Now, if the employee is approved for FMLA, and they need to take additional leave for that reason, they must reference that reason or the need for FMLA leave. Employers (whether that be supervisors or HR) are to look at the request for leave and realize what category the leave falls under, based on the circumstances. This is why HR should ensure that management is well-trained. Yes, employees should be informed of their rights, but often they are not. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, it is the employee’s responsibility to provide their employer enough information (this can be either verbally or written), so that it can be determined that they qualify for FMLA leave ( In most cases, employers tend to read between the lines or just offer FMLA paperwork anytime an employee says that they will need to be out of the office for more than a couple of days.undefinedIt sounds like you know the type of conditions that qualify for protection under FMLA, but employers must also know the definition of eligible employees and leave entitlement. You can find this on the U.S. Department of Labor website this said, here is a list of specific problems that that can be used as examples for an analytical paper:undefined Denial of FMLA Leave
Delay of FMLA Leave
Violations of FMLA Leave
undefined…you can use these to come up with your own.undefinedThese can come in the following forms:undefined Employer requires an inappropriate amount of notice for FMLA
Employer expects employee to work while on FMLA leave
Employer makes it difficult for employee to take intermittent FMLA leave
Employer disciplines employee for taking FMLA leave
undefined….you can use these to come up with your own.undefinedThe legal case you found sounds interesting. I recommend that you start reading this case—at least skim through it. This will direct your analytical paper and tell you what your paper problem is. undefinedThink on this a little bit more and then revisit this assignment for Week 5 Analytical Paper Topic Choice by the deadline. In your responses, make sure to explain the problem you wish to address and how it could impact public sector job applicants, employees, and employers/agencies. You already have the brunt of this done. I want you to think critically about how FMLA could impact potential job applicants, employees, and employers—what should HR and management be doing about the problem you are addressing in your paper? You will need sources for your analytical paper related to your topic in general or specifically to the employment issue that are peer-reviewed, not from SHRM or a law school. You will need to provide 2 citations from articles of academic journals that you can use for your References list. What I have done here is to rephrase a couple of the questions that are asked in the assignment in hopes that it makes more sense.
Requirements: 10 pages


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