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I need an explanation for this Writing question to help me study.For 3 points, write up to 300 words to justify the case for one side of the following debatePro: Elitist theorists of democracy are right that “money talks” in American politics. Research on lobbying certainly confirms this view. Business groups greatly outspend other interests and buy access to policymakers as well as their votes. Whatever constraints that can be placed on lobbying should be imposed.Con: The influence of business lobbying is greatly exaggerated. Lobbying resources are often not determinative of political influence. Lobbying is a constitutionally protected right via the 1st Amendment. Lobbying activity is required to be disclosed by current law and can be looked up at Constraints on lobbying would be unwise.For 2 more points, write a response of up to 150 words to something posted on the other side of the issue.discussion Post Expectation- Clearly state which side of the debate you are on.- Provide at least 3 arguments for why you chose the respective side.- If you have difficulty in coming up with 3 arguments, provide additional examples that illustrate your understanding of the debate topic and support your view on the debate.- Stick to the debate at hand. While background to the issue is important, keep it concise and focus on arguing why you chose the respective side.Response Post Expectation:- Respond to someone who has the opposite stand relative to your view.- Provide at least 2 counter arguments referencing the arguments made by the person you are responding to. Don’t just say that you do not agree with their point of view. Support your disagreement with appropriate counter arguments (at least 2)- If you have difficulty in coming up with 2 counter-arguments, provide additional examples that counter the view of the person you are responding to.Write everything by ur own words. Give me ur answer in 20 hrs and reply in one day. Ur answer must follow the format. No reference Requirements: Discussion | 1 pages, Double spaced


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