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I don’t understand this Business Plans question and need help to study.This is where you pull everything together to document your journey through this course, and its conclusion. Imagine that you’re packaging your own “lessons in creative problem solving” to teach to others. I’ll leave it to you to decide the format – booklet, wiki, presentation, video, whatever… but all of the collective blog entries (yours and others’) are fodder for this. Use them!Here’s a challenge: be innovative! It might be an innovative way to think about creative problem solving, and/or an innovative way to do creative problem solving, and/or and innovative way to present how to be a more creative problem solver. What does that mean?”Innovative” is a fuzzy term, and different people use it different ways. Many talk about two criteria for considering something “innovative,” and we’ll adopt them for our purposes. Something “innovative” is…Novel, meaning a different way of framing something
Useful, meaning that it provides some practical benefit related to the challenge at hand.
I encourage you to try to think of novel ways to think about creative problem solving, to do creative problem solving, and to present how to be a more creative problem solver.I require that you to give me something useful: that is, a practical, understandable guide to being a better creative problem solver. A couple of years ago, one student got an abstract tattoo on his ankle, ostensibly to illustrate his “lessons in creative problem solving” (I am not making this up). Novel? Certainly. Useful? Not so obvious. Keep these in mind as you think about how to present your “lessons in creative problem solving.” These don’t need to be a comprehensive treatise on creative problem solving, but there should be some great “aha” nuggets, it would be great if it was presented in a novel way, and it needs to be useful: that is, provides some practical guidance.
Requirements: 4-5 pages single space


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