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Case Study: After reading the HBR case study, assume you are the CMO( Chief Marketing Officer), for PedalSpark, and will be making the recommendation to the CEO as to whether or not to sell PedalSpark e-bikes on Amazon or further develop the PedalSpark’s own Direct -To- Consumer e-commerce site. Format: Word or PDF paper double space. Paper should be 3-5 pages not including any references and must include all the discussion points listed below You will upload the document and submit. If you use any data to support your decision, please include your citations and sources. There is not a right or wrong answer here. This is about presenting your case for what you have decided based on the information presented and what you would decide if you were the CMO as to the best sales solution for this product.
Be specific as to why you are making this choice when building your case for your decision. Do not speak in generalities and give the details. Please be sure to include the following in your paper: 1. What is your decision : which selling model(s) will you be recommending for PedalSpark after reviewing the facts and input from the team ?
Amazon? DTC channel? is there another option?
2. How did you reach your decision?
what were the key factors that helped you make the final decision? why were these factors the most critical in your decision making?
( Hint: please provide specifics as to why you selected that specific channel of selling the product i.e. Amazon – is better suited for selling the PedalSpark vs. DTC model, etc. because…. )
3. What are the benefits and risks of your decision and how do you plan to address them? 4. What are you giving up by going with your decision and not taking your other option?
5. Your team was split on how the decision should go, how will you get both team leaders on board to support the ultimate decision that was made and move forward?
6. If Amazon were to be the decision , which one of your leaders, Gideon Bear or Tamar Nouse, would you select to manage the Amazon relationship? Why would you select them? Be specific as to why you choose them to lead this initiative.
How would you share the news with the individual you didn’t chose and the team.
7. If your decision is to grow the PedalSpark e-commerce DTC channel, who would be the best to lead this initiative? Gideon or Tamar?
Why would you select them? Be specific as to why you choose them to lead this initiative.
How would you share the news with the individual you didn’t chose and tell the team.
Be specific as to why you have chose the leader you did. 8. What are some of the trade-offs PedalSpark will have to deal with depending on which model you decided would become their channel of distribution versus going Direct? ( Hint: profit margin loss, cost, supply chain, growth potential) etc. 9. What is your back-up plan if Amazon does do a ” copycat” and develops an electric bike as part of Amazon Basics?
Is there a way for you to get ahead of this potential risk? 10. If there is other pertinent information that was part of your decision making process please include in your paper.
While there is no right or wrong answer here, your decision must have supporting facts as to why you made the choice you did. While I have given you key points to include, you should also be addressing impact to your customer, future growth of the company and your competitive advantage.


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