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Can you help me understand this Nutrition question?Vitamin D Delimma1. Many Americans are falling short of their daily dietary needs of vitamin D. What are your feelings about skin exposure to sunlight in order to obtain vitamin D, an essential nutrient?2.Research suggests that a vitamin D deficiency may be associated with an increased risk of certain cancers. What do you think about this association and the possible protective role that vitamin D could play?3.How should Americans meet their daily vitamin D needs?Genetically Modified Foods Controversy surrounds the safety and use of food biotechnology. Genetically modified foods raise concerns about long-term health and environmental consequences. Even though most scientists agree that these foods are safe and perhaps even beneficial to consumers, many consumers still express uncertainty. Be sure to provide references for you argument.What is your position on food biotechnology and genetically modified foods?In your answer include how you define a genetically modified food vs a food that was produced by selective breeding. What could be done to minimize any associated risks and alleviate fears?
5: LipidsGo to a supermarket and compare various meats for fat grams per serving. Try to compare ground turkey, turkey hot dogs, chicken breasts, breaded chicken breasts, ground beef, and various brands of lunchmeats by looking at the food labels. (CHOOSE AT LEAST 5 TO COMPARE)Summarize what you found. (For example, were the poultry products lower in fat grams per serving than red meats? Did breaded products contain the most fat grams per serving? What percentage of the lunchmeats was fat?)Rank the meats from most to least healthy and give reasoning for why you chose this sequence.Deeper Learning Response-101.Knowing a good fitness program must meet the individual needs of each person, design a fitness program made just for you by you. 3.What are your goals? 4.What is your exercise mode, duration, frequency, intensity and progression of exercise going to be? 5.How will you make sure you are consistent and have variety?Deeper Learning Response-12 COVID-19 has impacted food security on many fronts.Explain how food security in the US was impacted by the pandemic.What has been done to support farmers to maintain a consistent food supply throughout this pandemic?Do you agree that this strategy has worked?How would you change it?Your response should be no more than one page single spaced and please show any references in APA format.No internal citation needed. Requirements: complete sentence


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