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American Psychological Association (APA) 7th Edition Style Research Paper
DUE no later than For each calendar day the assignment is late, 5 points will be deducted from the grade. If the assignment is more than 4 calendar days late the assignment will not be accepted and the student will earn an F for the end of the semester final class grade.
1. Students will individually choose and research a specific developmental disability, condition or disorder. Each student must inform the professor of the specific developmental disability, condition or disorder the student wants to research by Feb. 11, 2021. a. If you have any questions about your topic please email your professor at b. Please keep in mind the condition or disorder you research must be a developmental disability as per the definition in our text. c. Students will individually write a double-spaced, typed, four-to-seven-page APA 7
edition style paper using at least three different peer-reviewed professional sources, not the textbook. 2. What is Peer Review?
a. Remember, the textbook is not an appropriate peer-reviewed source for this project. b. You may use other approved sources such as government documents, agency manuals, or approved websites. c. Do NOT rely on Google or any similar search engine.
d. DO NOT use or similar websites. e. Students may use their public libraries or the Nassau Community College Library. 3. Please refer to the references and guides for APA 7
th edition style provided at the end of this handout. 4. The paper must include the following: a. A complete description of the condition or disorder in terms of its etiology (the cause), pathology (effects), impairment (any loss or abnormality of psychological, physiological or anatomical structure or function []) and disability
(any restriction or lack (resulting from an impairment) of ability to perform an activity in the manner or within the range considered normal for a human being
[]). For complete explanations go to:
b. The demographic data (incidence [number of new cases during a certain time period], prevalence [number of existing cases during a certain time period, will include new cases] and gender differences). For a detailed explanation about the difference between incidence and prevalence go to:
c. The condition or disorder must clearly meet the definition of developmental disability.
d. Descriptions of the psychological, cognitive, educational and social impact of the disability. e. Detailed examples and descriptions of support services that are required and available for the individual with the DD. f. Please review the grading rubric for the APA Style Research paper prior to, during and after the writing process to assist you with following the guidelines. g. Quotations and paraphrases from peer-reviewed sources are to be cited within the paper using APA 7th edition style.
5. Students who need assistance with researching, writing, formatting, and/or editing beyond what is provided through the American Psychological Association (APA) style resources provided please contact the Writing Center on campus. a. Do not wait until the last minute to make any necessary appointments. 6. The paper is to be professional in tone:
a. Avoid biases. b. Do not use contractions – Incorrect: can’t, don’t Correct: cannot, do not, c. Do not use gender specific pronouns. Write in the plural instead of the singular. d. Remain positive.
e. Be concise and specific with words.
f. Avoid writing the phrases I believe, I think, and I feel.
7. The paper is to include appropriate grammar, spelling and writing mechanics:
a. There must be agreement – Incorrect: The student will complete their assignments. Correct: The students will complete their assignments. b. Make sure your sentences are complete, not fragments or run-ons.c. When abbreviating terms, spell the complete term out the first time, include the abbreviation in parenthesis, then use the abbreviation in the future. 8. The paper is to include a reference page in APA 7
th edition style. 9. Please use a header with your name and page number included. You do not need a title page
or abstract for this paper. 10. Remember to carefully proofread your paper before submitting. You must submit your paper via Turnitin on Blackboard prior to
a. If you have any issues submitting your paper via Blackboard, please email your paper to as an attachment before the due date. b. For each calendar day the assignment is late, 5 points will be deducted from the grade. If the assignment is more than 4 calendar days late the assignment will not be accepted and the student will earn an F for the end of the semester final class grade.


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