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Your taskTo prepare for this Assignment, review the case study of the Petrakis family, located in this week’s resources. Locate information on the challenges and needs faced by caregivers like Helen Petrakis who are caregivers and responsible for other members of her family as well. The articles listed below may be useful. Consider information on needs of caregivers and effective evidence-based services to address them from peer-reviewed journals to provide background. Several resources in the Walden library are listed at the end of these instruction, but you may find others as well. Use this information to generate a comprehensive logic model that might help Helen manage her stress and anxiety in a group format.Consider how you would create a logic model for a new initiative at the programlevel that could help people like Helen manage stress and anxiety. A support group for multigenerational caregivers could be one initiative that would serve a wide range of individuals, but you may choose another idea that pertains to services that would be helpful to caregivers, people who struggle with stress and anxiety like Helen, or both. Think about the resources and general approach that would be required to implement such a program (inputs), the services and interventions you might provide or coordinate and potential outcomes (outputs) for clients, their caregivers, and the broader community. Include a method for measuring the outcomes. In some cases, observation serves well as a tool for assessing outcomes. Submit the following:Your name in the header – no separate title page or abstract, please.
A table describing the needs of caregivers from at least one journal, one fictional caregiver, and one social work who has expertise with this population. You may take information from your readings and present it as if it is spoken by the caregiver and social worker, but cite it.
A completed program-levellogic model outline (table) from the template I provide here, not the one on Dashboard.
Place a description of Helen’s problem and relevant conditions that impact her problems and situation across the top of the model (the “situation statement.”) The conditions can be found in the case study for the week.
Include these components:
Write one succinct but informative paragraph that elaborates on your practice-level logic model, including this information:
Add your reference list at the end of the document (no separate page), placing your references in correct APA format, according to the 7thedition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. Guidelines are in the scholarly writing goals in the discussion forums for weeks 2, 3, and 4.
Your template for your logic model is below. Delete my instructions in the templateand put your entries for your logic model into the right boxes and columns. My information is there just to guide you so that you know what to put where. Statement of problem/need, problem conditions, and purpose for creating the program-level interventionInputs OutputsResources needed to operate the program – add two you will already have and two you will have to obtain for a fictional caregiver program. Planned types of activitiesInclude recruitment, and general types of servicesInterventions and/or services to be provided and put into action by clients2-3 services of SW: include types of services, what is provided, by whom, when where, etc. Include one action that the caregivers will adopt in this program. MEASURABLE Short-termbenefits for recipients Short-term: immediate benefits for recipientswho participate in the program MEASURABLE Long-term benefits for recipients and wider communityThere is an expression “the devil is in the details”. Remember that if you do not place a resource, service, or short/long-term benefit in your logic model, it will not happen. Make sure that your logic model is adequately detailed so ANYONE could take it and implement your program successfully.


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