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Week 1 – Discussion 1 Pick 2 of the bulleted prompts below to write about in this week’s discussion. Unit 1 – Intro to Anatomy & Physiology Outline and describe the different functions of human life and the various requirements for human life to exists. Define and tell us about the similarities and differences between “anatomy” and “physiology”. Additionally, outline and describe the various subdivisions of A&P. Describe the levels of structural organization of the human body. Classify the structure and function of the 12 primary organ systems of the human body. Define homeostasis and how it is maintained within the body. Be sure you touch on and give examples of both negative and positive feedback. ?Weekly DiscussionGrading Rubric: Participationin weekly class discussions will be evaluated using the criteria below.CriteriaRatingsPts All prompts are addressed fully,and responses are on target 30.0 pts All portions of the prompt are addressed correctly20.0 pts At least half of the prompt is addressed correctly10.0 pts Some of the prompt is addressed correctly0.0 pts None of theprompt is addressed correctly or no post submitted30.0 ptsEntries demonstrate critical thinking, analysis, and expected level of knowledge 10.0 pts The learner correctly applies content to nursing/ medicine5.0 pts The learner attempts to apply content to nursing/ medicine0.0 pts The learner does not attempt to apply content to nursing/ medicine or no post submitted10.0 ptsInteractions within the discussion are present, thoughtful and complete 10.0 pts Interactions add relevant content to and promote the discussion5.0 pts Interactions are present but do not add to the content of the discussion0.0 pts Interactions are not present or are irrelevant to the discussion10.0 ptsLanguage is appropriate, without grammatical errors or informal English 10.0 pts Language is appropriate, without grammatical errors or informal English3.0 pts Some grammatical errors or informal English0.0 pts Significant grammatical errors or informal English or no post submitted10.0 ptsReference materials are included and are scientifically appropriate 10.0 pts Appropriate reference materials are included.3.0 pts Unacceptable references are included.0.0 pts No references are included.10.0 ptsIn-text citations are present for all reference materials 5.0 pts In-text citations are present for all reference materials0.0 pts In-text citations are absent5.0 ptsInitial post submitted on time 5.0 pts Initial post submitted on time0.0 pts Initial post submitted late,or no post submitted5.0 ptsAt least three days of participation in the discussion 20.0 pts 3 or more days of participation10.0 pts 2 days of participation5.0 pts 1 day of participation0.0 pts No participation20.0 ptsTotal Points: 100.0


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