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This assignment is focused on helping you get a better understanding of the theories of the four theorists (Piaget, Erikson, Kohlberg and Kubler-Ross) discussed in class.
To write this paper, you first need to choose a movie or show that you have watched recently or watched multiple times. I would highly recommend a movie that has children characters as that will then help you finding examples for Piaget. If you choose a television show, you need to watch at least 2 shows for a minimum of one hour. If you have binge watched a show – please fell free to use the entire series.
Once you have done this part, please download the assignment form, complete based on the instructions given in that form and the instructions given below. Then re-upload the completed form here for me to grade.
Introduction: (3 points)
– Name of the television show/movie
– A brief description/synopsis of the movie
(Please do not provide the synopsis from or Wikipedia)
Character Analysis: (8 points for each theorist for a total of 32 points)
You need to analyze the characters in your movie/show from the perspective of the four theorists Piaget, Erikson, Kohlberg and Kubler-Ross. Through your assignment, you need to explain in which stage these characters fall in the different theories of these theorists.
You are expected to try and view the different characters – their behaviors, choices, actions, etc. from the perspective of each theorist. In this paper, your job is to provide a detailed explanation of how a character and his/her/its actions are a great example for a particular theorist and his stage. Here are some guidelines on how to go about doing the same.
You have to follow these directions for each theorist (so you will be doing this 4 times – once each for Erikson, Piaget, Kohlberg and Kubler-Ross). Please refer to the Assignment Form.
In your Assignment Form, all answers filled in by you have to be in black color.
– For each theorist, the different stages are listed. You need to make sure to add the age group for each stage.
– Then for each stage, provide a brief description of the stage in your own words. This assignment will be checked for plagiarism using Safe-Assign. If I find that you have copied and pasted from different Websites, you will be given a 0 for this assignment.
– You need to provide a minimum of 1 example per theorist per stage. You can use one character or many different characters to illustrate the stage that you are describing. You need to provide a description of something that the character did or how the character acted to explain why you believe they are representative of that particular stage.
(For Erikson, you do not need to provide 1 example per stage (that would be 8 examples), but instead, a minimum of 4 examples that cover four of his stages, but all stages need to be briefly explained)
Conclusion: (3 points)
Your conclusion should incorporate within it:
Your opinion on how well these theories help describe the character in question in different stages
After writing this paper, which theorist can you most relate to and why?
No opinion is a wrong opinion – they are strictly your views.
References: (2 points)
Your bibliography should include your sources. These should include the textbook and the movie/show you have watched. Any other sources you have used should also be listed.
All References must be in APA format.
The Sample Course Assignment is based on the movie Finding Nemo. Due to this, Finding Nemo is a movie that you cannot use for your Course Assignment 1.
This assignment focuses on different value rubrics as assigned by the college.
Written Communication (how clearly through their writing, a student can support each theorist’s stage with an example from the movie/show using appropriate grammar and syntax.)
Creative Thinking (how creatively a student can connect characters and events from the movie/show to the different stages in the theories)
Inquiry and Analysis (how well a student can explain why they are using one character as an example for a stage and providing a rationale for the same)


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