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This assignment allows you to apply your advanced writing and technical communication skills by developing a scenario. In this scenario, a friend or a group of people will be traveling to another location or country. Their purpose may be business, pleasure, academic study, or something else that fits within this scenario. You have the opportunity to decide on the audience, purpose, and organizational structure for this project to make it relevant to you and your interests.
It is your job to give them a brief overview of some of the cultural differences they may encounter and effective ways to encounter and navigate those differences. These differences may have to do with business practices, medical care, basic rules of courtesy… It all depends on the details of your scenario.
Here’s a hint: The more specific your scenario, the better able you will be to come up with relevant information. For example, let’s say on their first night in Bangalore, your group of American manufacturing engineers will be taken out to dinner by the executive board of the host company. Your audience of Americans should know about customs and habits of courtesy related to sharing meals or perhaps how to thank their hosts in the Kannada language.
Develop this as a document, video, website, or other digital resource (the medium is your choice, depending on what best suits audience and purpose!). Feel free to share some of your medium ideas in the Open Discussion Board! You will need to use research, synthesis, writing, organization, and design skills for this project.
Selecting Audience and Purpose (Chapter 5)
Part of this assignment was deciding on a specific audience and purpose (while still basing it around the central idea of the assignment). You made it clear who and what this was, and catered your work around this audience.
10.0 pt
Analyzing Audience and Purpose (Chapter 5)
Projects succeed based on how well they respond to their audiences and have clear, focused purposes. It is clear from your work that you took the time to determine the important characteristics of your audience. You tailor your communication to the audience’s needs and preferences.
10.0 pt
Understanding Cultural Variables (Chapter 5)
As is discussed in Chapter 5, your work considers cultural variables that are both “beneath the surface” and “on the surface.” You include relevant and informative cultural information that was also well-researched and supported by evidence.
10.0 pt
Researching Your Subject (Chapter 6)
It’s clear through your work that you understand the research process and choose appropriate research methods, including secondary research and primary research as appropriate. All work is cited in a manner that enhances understanding for your audience.
10.0 pt
Patterns of Organization (Chapter 7)
You clearly analyzed your audience and purpose and used patterns of organization that best lend themselves to this project. Your organizational pattern is clear. You maintain a clear focus, and your work exhibits a logical and coherent structure.
10.0 pt
Content, Structure and Organization (Chapter 7)
Content is effectively and clearly organized. Information shows purpose, interrelated ideas and effectively demonstrates writer knowledge.
10.0 pt
Clarity and Conciseness (Chapter 7)
Sentences are structurally correct, succinct, and easy to understand. Your work flows well between ideas and engages the audience.
10.0 pt
Basic Formatting and Usability
Formatting elements organize and highlight ideas as needed, and formatting elements are used consistently throughout the document. You incorporate thoughtful design elements into your work to make it easy to follow and understand.
10.0 pt
Creative and Innovative Work
The document meets its intended objective while incorporating creativity and a deep level of thinking. You incorporate all necessary components and even go “above and beyond” with your work and creative approaches. You choose a medium that fits well and allows you to develop a strong project.
10.0 pt
Grammar and Mechanics
Writing is grammatically correct, interesting, error free. No grammar, punctuation, or spelling errors. Your writing skills add to your ethos (e.g. give you credibility).
10.0 pt


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