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The Annotated Bibliography
You will need to access 10 journal articles which are related to a topic of interest to you. For example potential topics might be ‘assessment in primary education’, ‘risk-taking in ECE’, ‘young children’s reading’, or ‘play and learning’. You should try and select articles on a topic that you think may be relevant to your dissertation. You need to begin the assignment with a brief paragraph providing:
A justification for the topic that connects your articles
An explanation about the structure of the assignment
You then need to provide 10 entries on your annotated bibliography. Each annotation should provide an overview of the content of the journal article including some consideration of the methodology used in the paper.
Page, J. (2013) ‘Will the ‘good’ (working) mother please stand up? Professional and maternal concerns about education, care and love’, Gender and Education, 25:5 548 – 563
Using a narrative approach, and drawing on feminist approaches to research, this paper presents the experiences of one mother (Ayesha) in order to illuminate the tensions arising for women as they make employment decisions and childcare choices while their babies are young. Ayesha was selected from a larger study, because of her dual roles as an early years advisor and as a new mother making decisions about returning to work and choosing childcare. Page argues that women who work in early childhood education and care (ECEC) may have particular burdens when reaching decisions about whether to return to work because their job involves the care and education of other children.
Page used life history methodology and unstructured interviews to gain a detailed insight into the participant’s experiences, perceptions and views. She argued that Ayesha’s narrative showed how contradictory political messages which are sensationalised by the media in relation to the role of a ‘good’ mother, are deeply problematic. Page concluded that her findings suggest there is a need to discuss the impact of media sensualisation on mothers’ decision-making and to highlight the importance mothers place on close, loving relationships between carers and the children they care for.
Once you have completed all of the entries you need to write a short statement (of about 4 – 500 words) which provides an overview of the papers you have presented. Questions to consider when writing this overview are:
Are there any overriding messages coming out of the articles when you consider them together?
Do they support one another or are they contradictory?
What is the ‘big picture’ across all of the papers – can you summarise this?
What kind of research methods were used across the papers? Are there any methodological ‘gaps’?
When you consider the papers together, do any further questions for research arise?
What studies in the field do we need to see next?
The PowerPoint Presentation
This part of the assignment gives you an opportunity to select an aspect of research methodology to study in more depth. It would be sensible to choose something that will support the research design within your dissertation. You might choose to focus on a research tool (eg. interviews, observation, questionnaires), a research strategy (eg. case study, ethnography) or another element of research design such as ‘the role of the research questions’, ‘researcher positionality’ or ‘conducting participatory research with young children’. You should design a presentation AS IF you will be presenting this to colleagues, in order to explore and explain your chosen topic. You should use the ‘notes’ section of the PPT to explain the content of each slide. You should include reference to the methodology literature in your presentation. Your presentation should have a title and should include an introduction, a conclusion and a list of references. The whole PPT should contain about 8 slides. You may include pictures and diagrams on your slides if you wish.


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