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SHOW ALL WORKAssume you dissolve 2.56g of malic acid, C4H605 in half a liter of water (500g). Calculate the molarity, molality, mole fraction, and weight percentage of acid in the solution.You want to prepare a solution that is 0.200m in Na2CO3. How many grams of the salt must you add to 125g of water? What is the mole fraction of Na2CO3 in the resulting solution?Concentrated sulfuric acid has a density of 1.84g/cm cubed and is 95.0% by weight H2SO4. What is the molality of this acid? What is its molarity?Which pairs of liquids will be miscible? a.)H20 and CH3CH2CH2CH3 b.)C6H6 (benzene) and CCl4 c.)H2O and CH3CO2HWhat is the boiling point of a solutionn composed of 15.0g of CHCl3 and 0.515g of the nonvolatile solute acenaphthalene, (Cl2H10) a component of coal tar? Kbpof CHCL3 is + 3.63 degrees C/m.Arrange the following solutions in order of increasing boiling point. :a.)0.10m KCL b.).10m sugar c.)0.080 m MgCl2Phenanthrene, Cl4H10, is an aeromatic hydrocarbon. If you dissolve some phenathrene in 50.0g of benzene, the boiling point of the solution is 80.51 degrees celcius. How many grams of the hydrocarbon must have been dissolved?A mixture of ethanol (C2H5OH) and water has a freezing point of -16.0 degrees celcius. a.)what is the molality of the alcohol? b.)what is the weight percent of alcohol in the solution?List the following aqueous solutions in order of increasing melting point a.)0.10m sugar b.)0.1m NaCl c. 0.08m CaCl2 d.)0.04m Na2SO4How many grams of ethylene glycol, HOCH2CH2OH, must be added to 5.50kg of water to lower the freezing point of the water from 0.0 degrees celcius to -10.0 degrees celcius?An aqueous solution contains 0.180g of an unknown, nonionic solute in 50.0g of water. The solution freezes at -0.040 degrees celcius. What is the molar mass of the solute?


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