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Please respond to each question below. Each question should be 1-page per question. Please use your textbook to answer the questions below. You can also use outside sources but also use the textbook. The total paper should be 8 pages long. Each question should be one page in length. This paper is based on psychology and lifespan development. The textbook is: Kuther, T.L. (2020). Life span development: Lives in context. (2nd edition). SAGE .
Questions for the paper:
1. Consider this scenario: Your client recently married. Your client has a cousin with autism, and her husband’s side of the family has a history of several genetic disorders, including Huntington’s disease. The couple is worried about having children and they want to know if their potential offspring will be at risk for one of these disorders. They have an appointment to see a genetic counselor in 2 weeks. Explain to your client what might happen during their visit.
2. Tia, who is pregnant with her fourth child, recently separated from her husband. She is currently taking care of three children under the age of 7, and working two part-time jobs. What can Tia do to minimize the risk of the stresses of labor and delivery?
3. Explain and give examples of how different cultures provide infants with unique experiences and opportunities for development.
4. What has research shown to be the effects of infants watching media that is directed toward them?
5. How does a parent foster autonomy in his or her toddler and prevent feelings of shame and doubt?
6. Your client is the father of a 4-year-old. Your client believes that early childhood education programs should stick to academic instruction. He is opposed to child-directed programs, believing that children have time to play at home, and school should be devoted to learning academic skills. What advice would you give your client, and why?
7. Describe two examples of how children’s conceptions of themselves are influenced by their interactions with parents and their cultural context.
8. Explain the benefits and drawbacks of mainstreaming and inclusion.


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