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I need good rhetorical strategies throughout. A satire is some-what sarcastic so be sure to sell the main point. the point I  plan on making about my topic is “Plus-size” and underweight women should not be seen as unhealthy. Mental health is a rising issue in today’s society which is greatly affected by social media where the feminine beauty ideal is constantly advertised and women who fit those standards are praised. All bodies are different and some women may exercise and eat super healthy but still find themselves at the same weight. Women are lacking confidence because of what they see and what they are told over the media. The target of my satire is I am targeting internet trolls who deem a little stomach fat or bloating as unhealthy and ugly. Usually, the trolls are men that like to point out females’ imperfections; Women also do it to other women but it has been mostly men who first shaped the feminine beauty ideal. In the past decade, the feminine beauty ideal has changed slightly because few women are trying to take leaps in fashion by dressing more masculine in oversized shirts and looser clothes; they are also choosing shorter hairstyles and wear as much makeup they are comfortable in. Men are following these trends by dressing more feminine with blouses, skirts, and crop tops and some men are testing boundaries with makeup(An assumption made could be that they’re gay but straight men are also testing makeup). Many campaigns by women promoting body imperfections like cellulite and stretch marks as a beautiful thing are found all over social media nowadays. So, I am also targeting women who advertise or agree with spreading body positivity.
I would like to exaggerate the target of my story by acting as if I am one of those trolls that scroll through social media and believes that the average woman is ugly especially if she is over 130 pounds, doesn’t wear shapely clothing or makeup, and/or has short hair. I will be absolutely disgusted and describe tall women as too manly and hate on plus-size women because they are “fat and don’t take care of their bodies.”


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