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Help me study for my Writing class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.History Research Essay:Word count at least 1200undefinedThis essay is a researched, thesis-driven, argumentative essay that demonstrates competence in both research and composition. The audience of this essay is a diverse group of people, most of whom likely know relatively little about the topic and are neutral or slightly skeptical of your position. I am only requiring this paper to be no less than 5 pages (double spaced, 12pt font, Times New Roman, 1 in margins).Essay Content: This essay must be a thesis-driven argument essay that uses a variety of authoritative sources to defend a clear stance on a specific issue. Here is what your essay should consist of:The introduction should elicit the reader’s attention and provide necessary background information on the topic, should provide a focus for the paper, and should state a clear and precise thesis. The thesis should be your own; you will use sources to support your thesis, but your thesis should not merely be an agreement with a single source. The introduction may be several paragraphs long.
The body of the essay should demonstrate a thorough understanding of the topic and its major parts. You should employ sound reasoning as you defend the thesis through logical argumentation and presentation of sound evidence. The body of your essay should contain no material that is not directly relevant to the thesis. Explanations should be detailed and coherent and should avoid vague or generalized assertions. Examples, illustrations, and supporting detail should be used frequently and appropriately to demonstrate the validity of the thesis. The conclusion should bring adequate closure to the paper. While the conclusion should reemphasize the thesis, it should also avoid excessive repetition of previous points. Organization: This essay can be organized in a number of ways, but it should be organized in a manner that best fits the essay’s content.Sources: This essay must cite a minimum of three sources other than your class textbook. For this essay, one and only one, internet source may be used in completing the assignment. You should avoid relying on dictionaries or encyclopedias unless they provide information not available elsewhere, which is highly unlikely . All quotations must be quoted exactly and attributed to the proper source. Quotations should be smoothly integrated into the paper and should also be explained adequately. The essay may not use more than one block quotation, and no more than 10% of the paper should be quoted material. Length Requirements and Documentation: The essay should be no less than 3-5 pages in length (not counting title page and reference list) and should be double-spaced and in 12-point Times New Roman font. In order for this essay to have a chance to receive a passing grade, the absolute minimum length is 3-5 pages. APA or MLA (style is the student’s choice) format must be used correctly and consistently throughout the essay.References/Bibliography: References must include at least three sources other than your textbook. Entries should be listed in alphabetical order according to the last name of the source’s author (or title in the case of a source without a named author).Essay Topics:For this essay, choose one of the following options:Option 1- The Context of the Reformation: In providing the reasons for the decline of the papacy during the latter part of the Middle Ages, we have noted some of these developments while the drama of the Reformation unfolded in week 1. There is much more to be said about this subject. In this option, you can select and focus upon one area of the developments and causes of Reformation. Here are those options: Rise of Humanism and Individualism
The Spread of Printing and the Growth of Universities
Decline of the Roman Church & Power (simony, economic, immorality, schism, etc.)
Shifts in Society and Economics
For this option, I would recommend starting the essay with an introduction about the late Middle ages and describe how there are many factors that gave rise to Reformation. Then select one of the focused topics above and research this in full. You may want to consider the following resources and authors:Peter Brown
Euan Cameron
Jaroslav Pelikan
Option 2- Luther’s Theology & Work:There is much to be said about Luther’s Theology and Work. The key to this essay will be to narrow the focus. So here are some options to focus the scope:
The Theological Issues of Indulgences
Luther’s Success and Distinctives
Luther’s Disputation Against the Scholastic Theology
Luther’s 8 Sermons at Wittenburg
The Luther Small Catechism
For this option, I would recommend starting the essay with Luther’s educational background, work within the University and as a priest. This will set the stage to a new way of using scripture and interpretation. The textbook does a great job describing Luther’s struggles with faith, forgiveness and the role of grace in salvation. The focus of this option is beyond Luther’s views of faith alone. It would be helpful in this essay to reference both secondary and primary sources. Regarding the secondary sources, I would recommend the following authors:Martin Marty
Timothy Lull (Lull provide an excellent resources called: Martin Luther’s Basic Theological Writings)
Jaroslav Pelikan
Option 3- The Counter-Reformation:The Reformation is more than just about Martin Luther and a new theology. It’s also about the rise of nationalism, economic and social shifts and also a Roman Catholic Response. In this option, you can focus on the theological response of the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church to this new teaching. I would recommend starting this essay with an introduction about the rise of the Lutheran view of salvation, the protection of Germany and it’s rapid movement across Europe. This will then set the stage for (one aspect) of the Catholic response. The options to consider for this essay are the following: The Theology of the Council of Trent
The Inquisition
Catholic Professors in the University
Theological Debates
I would recommend the following authors:R.W. Southern
Owen Chadwick
Requirements: MLA | Essay | 3 pages, Double spaced


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