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Assignment 14
For this assignment, you will create a purpose statement and research questions aligned to the problem statement you developed in activity 12. Do the following:
Begin with a succinct sentence that identifies the study method, design, and overarching goal. (Example: The purpose of this qualitative, phenomenological study is to identify strategies that can be used to increase gender diversity among clinical psychologists).
Continue with a brief overview of how the study will be conducted.
Identify the target population.
Identify the site(s) where the research will be conducted using general geographic terms to avoid identifying the specific location. To avoid compromising participants’ confidentiality or anonymity, use pseudonyms.
Conclude the paper with one or more research questions that are aligned with the problem you identified in activity 12.
Submit the paper using points of emphasis above. 1 page. Be sure to use APA formatting with a title and reference page.
Below is assignment 12:
Problem Statement
The Gap within the Literature
The gap existing within the literature here revolves around the idea of the effects of solitary confinement on someone’s psychology as well as mental health. Therefore, future research studies need to look more into these effects of solitary confinement.
Research Problem
The research problem here identified in the literature review revolves around determining whether the notion of solitary confinement is ethical or not. Solitary confinement stands to be a form of punishment given to inmates, wherein, they are isolated from other people and put into a very small room with tough living conditions (Brinkley-Rubinstein & Johnson, 2019). Essentially, this prolonged isolation form has critical detrimental impacts on prisoners, especially those who have had pre-existing mental illnesses.
Whose Problem is it?
The problem stands to be an international one since it has been affecting all parts or regions of the world. It needs to be noted that the sensory deprivation experienced in solitary confinement cells or units are likely t0 cause self-harm or even suicide (Haney, 2018). This international problem mainly affects the prisoners since they are the ones to experience these effects firsthand. The prisoners could experience heart palpitation, lethargy, headaches, anxiety attacks, and perspiring hands. These prisoners go through quite a difficult time in such cells or units, which raises a need to review if solitary confinement should still be used as a form of punishment in prisons.
Effects of not Addressing the Problem
When the issue of solitary confinement is not resolved where it is banned, there will be increased cases of people experiencing panic attacks, hallucinations, paranoia, memory loss, depression, and overall cognitive decline. All these mental health effects are due to the people in solitary confinement cells lacking human contact and having endless monotony.


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